Stress Free Wedding Tips

What’s better than a couple breezing through their wedding day with ease and happiness?

Over the past decade of photographing hundreds of weddings, there are certain elements that show up time and again when recounting the easy, breezy ones. I thought it might be helpful to round them up for you!


There have always been many moving parts and logistics to navigate that a wedding planner excels at. In 2020 and beyond, however, the added responsibility of staying up to date on health requirements means these professionals are worth their weight in gold (and then some). You can truly relax and enjoy your day. Highly recommend handing over tasks to one of these unsung heroes!


You’ve done your research, hired your dream team, and still have a lot of decisions to make. What time is best for photos? Should we do a first look? For these and all other questions, ask us! We are honored to give valuable insight that helps set you up for success. Ask your vendors what conditions work best for their service and trust their suggestions. The goal is always to get you wed beautifully and valuing our input to that end is so appreciated.



With more intimate gatherings trending in the foreseeable future, look on the bright side. You have an opportunity to make it any experience you’d like. With the pressure of conventionality eased up, take a second to dream a little. What would the most amazing elopement or micro wedding look like to you? What adventure or experience can you include to make your event unforgettable? Focus on the fun, you’ll thank me later.


When planning a wedding, you need to get very comfortable asking for and accepting help from your circle. It’s tempting to do it all but a year to plan goes quicker than you think and the last thing you need is more on your plate. Only take to task the projects you’ll have fun doing and let someone else do the rest. Trust me, they’ll be happy to help.



Sit down with your person and figure out what’s most important to you both. If food and entertainment are top of the list, make it an immersive experience! Want it to feel like a vacation? Host your wedding locally at a beautiful beach or lake location with suites or cottages you can rent. Whatever your priorities are, cut the noise, and ensure the day reflects your vision perfectly.


Surround yourself with the best. Your kindest, most fun, and supportive friends are who you want by your side as you tie the knot. They’ll step in to smooth wrinkles, keep you smiling all day, and ensure the fondest memories of your day. Protect your head space, don’t sweat the small stuff, and your wedding will be one of the best times of your life.


Stress tends to pop up at the worst possible moments so make sure you’re ahead of the game and take really good care of yourself. Have fun & reconnect with your future spouse and talk about everything but the wedding. Whatever you do to relax and ground yourself, make time for it. It’s always important but especially during this time of life. Bonus tip: Stay hydrated and well rested – you’ll look and, most importantly, FEEL your absolute best!



Often one of the most romantic moments of a wedding day, factor in some time to see each other before the ceremony. Shake out nerves, sneak in a kiss, and ground your day in what truly matters. It doesn’t take anything away from the aisle moment, in fact, it’s almost like you get that twice. Having extra time for portraits is a bonus, the major benefit is getting to enjoy a shared moment of anticipation and excitement.


It’s a huge deal and can be one of the happiest days of your life, but it’s not the last! This new chapter is part of a bigger love story and could never be summed up in one day. Try to remember this if things don’t turn out quite like you had expected. When you keep this perspective, you’ll have the best wedding possible and ensure your marriage starts off on the right foot.


Congratulations on your engagement! I hope these tips have given you a good idea on where to focus as you plan your wedding day.

If you have more questions or are in need of a photographer, send me a message!

– Shannon

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