How to Choose Your Photographer

Your wedding photography is important to you.

You want your day captured beautifully with romantic portraits, lively candid moments, and magazine-worthy details.

You want to relax and live in the moment at your wedding, resting assured that your photographer is on. it.

You want your wedding to be tons of fun, for you AND your guests.

If this sounds like you, you’ve come to the right place.


It all comes down to a great fit.

For wedding photos that capture the essence of your love, you should hire a photographer that you connect with on a personal level. You’ll be more comfortable in front of the camera, which results in natural, beautiful imagery. Because real smiles always look best.

Not only will you receive better photographs, your wedding day will also be more enjoyable. Crazy, right?!

Think about it, you’d be with me all day long, you should probably enjoy my company! 😉

Let’s schedule a chat/meet/skype and get to know each other! Until then…

Me x 3!

An abridged list of things I adore:

  • adventures + impromptu road trips

  • a bumpin’ dance party

  • treating myself after a long week… or, you know, just ’cause

  • a closet full of soft fabrics, lace details and layers, lots of layers

  • slow nature walks

  • organic fruit, red red wine and ALL of the cheese

  • striving to live more sustainably

  • Will Ferrell in anything

  • date nights w/my husband, Mike

  • shopping locally + browsing farmers markets

  • hearing my son laugh out loud 

  • Vera Wang, Claire Pettibone, Hayley Paige, Rue de Seine. Bridal fashion makes me drool.

  • Classic rock, The Decemberists, 90s rap

  • giving back + supporting a good cause

  • handwritten notes + little surprise packages

  • a good book, mug of tea, and cozy blanket on a rainy day

  • spending way too much at Anthropologie and having zero regrets

Are you into some of these things? If so: High Five! You have great taste and we should hang out sometime. How about on your wedding day? 😉

The next step is to view the work

Take note of any photos that you love or make you feel a certain way. What is it that stands out to you?

This valuable insight helps to identify your personal style and how best your photographer can serve your needs.

If you haven’t yet, you can check out my portfolio here. 🙂

What’s that? You’ve already seen my work and think we’d be a great fit? A. You’re clearly awesome and B. We should definitely chat!

CLICK HERE to shoot me an email and we’ll set up a quick consultation on T/TH @ Noon or 7pm. Simply let me know which you prefer.

Congratulations and I’m looking forward to hearing about your dreams for the big day!!!

xx – Shann