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Let’s face it, some gifts are better than others. While your spouse-to-be would probably be happy with new cuff links or an engraved watch, how about something more personal that’s guaranteed to knock their socks off?

Enter: The Boudoir Experience!

A relaxing, yet invigorating portrait session that celebrates all that is feminine and reminds you of the goddess that you are! It’s the perfect opportunity to shine a little self-love your way during the wedding planning process and can be quite a refreshing experience.

Don’t take my word for it…hear directly from this fab woman!

What made you decide to book a boudoir session? 

I wanted a really personal wedding gift for Dan and the boudoir album was a way for me to freeze time the year we tied the knot. It was something very intimate that we could both enjoy for years to come.

How did you feel leading up to the session?

I was super NERVOUS. I wouldn’t characterize myself as “sexy” or “confident in my skin.” I’m more of a goofball and I typically feel awkward in front of the camera, ESPECIALLY in minimal clothing. To top it off, it was my first time meeting Shannon face to face so I was nervous to attempt “posing” for a complete stranger!

How did you feel during the session?

Shannon and I hit it off immediately, she was so warm and welcoming and I immediately felt at ease (or maybe that was the glass of champagne I anxiously sipped right before haha). I had all of my potential outfit changes laid out and Shannon helped me choose what to wear for each portion. I was definitely stiff at the beginning of the shoot but Shannon was super helpful in directing me on how to pose because I basically had no idea what I was doing.  By the end, Shannon had built up my confidence that I took posing into my own hands and just did what felt right.

What was your reaction when viewing your gallery & the book for the first time?

I couldn’t believe what I was looking at! I looked so BEAUTIFUL… it was me, the way Dan saw me and it was so empowering to see myself through his eyes! Then the book arrived and the pictures were even more beautiful in my hands than they were on the computer screen. The album is really high quality and the way Shannon organized the album is just PERFECT.

Did Dan love it? Was he super surprised?

Dan LOVED it and I think he was really surprised I did it for him. He thought it was a really special gift and it just added to all of the chemistry we already had going on that weekend!

If you had to sum up the experience for someone considering booking a session, what would you say?

I think every woman should do this at least ONCE in their life, if not as a gift then for YOURSELF. I found it very eye opening and empowering! It’s really just a bonus that my husband enjoys it as much as I do haha. Thank you Shannon for capturing me during one of the most beautiful years of my life!

Ok, so you’re sold and want to book a boudoir session…now what? Here are some tips to get you feeling your best and ensure you get the most out of your experience!


The day before your session, make sure you are well hydrated and get plenty of sleep. This will go a long way (especially in the winter) to giving you a healthy, glowing base for makeup application. If you go for a wax, do it a couple days prior to allow any skin irritation to fade. Lastly, book a pro to do your hair & makeup for an extra shot of confidence!


Grab ALL your options and lay them out for your photographer if you’d like assistance with what photographs best. Personally, I always look for 3 options that seamlessly move you through your session energetically: Sweet to Sassy to Sexy. As you progress through your session, you’ll feel more comfortable and will rock the “risque” look boldly! As for details that translate well on camera, think texture: laces, silks, layers, etc.


Having an album made for your s/o? As you choose your selects for the design, pick images that feel like YOU. What makes you smile, feel gorgeous, and/or like the queen you are? Those go in the design! Pay attention to your first gut reaction and don’t get caught up in nitpicking or allowing any insecurities to sow seeds of doubt. Guaranteed that’s NOT what your person will be thinking as they flip through the finished product!


Giving the book or album as a gift on your wedding day? Let your wedding planner and photographer know so you can plan about 10 minutes for the reveal into your timeline. Even if you don’t choose to see each other prior to the ceremony, you can get creative with posing to maintain that ceremony aisle moment but also be able to hand off the gift and hear their reaction!


To allow enough time for post production, book design, and lab printing, I recommend booking your session well in advance. Generally speaking you’ll want to schedule it at least 1-2 months prior to when you need it in hand. Show your photographer snaps of your space so they can advise on best lighting options for the session. For a really fun treat, book a bright, clean Airbnb or hotel room, get a massage after, and go out with friends! Self care is important always but especially leading up to your wedding day!

Getting married this year and think this sounds right up your alley?

Contact me here to book your session today!

BIG thanks to Kate for sharing your experience and photos!

xx Shannon

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