Note of Gratitude | East Coast Wedding Photographer

What a gift to be alive as Winter approaches. Days get shorter, sunsets more vivid. Snow and cold and storms, all reasons to cuddle up with a book in front of the fire. My husband and I are obsessed with our fireplace. It was on the “must have” list when buying our home. We’re a Taurus household…cozy is our love language. 

As I look back on the year, and my career in general, I feel awe and deep gratitude.

Thank you to clients who hire me with full trust to be part of intimate moments on core memory days. To the planners and photographers who refer couples my way and the entire vendor teams who work so hard behind-the-scenes to make the day smooth for our clients.

I’m forever grateful my path has led me here where I laugh, cry, and celebrate alongside the best people. It’s an honor and such a joy to play a small part in these beautiful, love-fueled days.

Here’s a collection of lucky images created in the space where preparation met opportunity. Candid photos are like lightning in a bottle, and I breathe a little “thank you” after each capture. xo

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