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When Pantone announced their color for 2024, Peach Fuzz, the wedding world couldn’t help but flash a knowing smile. Peach has been big for years now and perfectly at home next to other tonal favorites like blush pink, soft ivory, and other pastel colors like periwinkle blue and mint green. Their defining of the soft, sweet color is of “a velvety gentle peach whose all-embracing spirit enriches heart, mind, and body”.

While not ground breaking, the juicy freshness of ripe peaches is a welcome vision in the midst of another gray New England Winter. As a visual reprieve, I’ve dusted off one of my favorite editorial photoshoots from the archive that was held within a botanic garden. Originally designed as a tropical honeymoon outfit inspiration guide, it turned into a vibrant, Vitamin D drenched concept that eventually saw us styling kumquots and lightly tucking into fronds trying to feel closer to nature. Affectionately dubbed: Tropical Peach. An ombre ode to Pantone’s pick of the year with our zesty little spin on it for flavor.

Be right back as I book a destination adventure session in Portugal or a heritage trip for fun to the Azores (where I recently discovered ancestry roots). Packing light, ethereal dresses and cheerful, modern pops of color because—what’s fashion if not fun? Fully dreaming of this trip now and manifesting a destination wedding here with clients who love film photography and Zimmermann dresses. I know you’re out there.

Tell me how you feel about this pick in the comments below! Does the power of the peach compel you? Will you be highlighting this warming color in your wedding design or beauty inspiration? Harkening to warm, Summer nights with a soft, velveteen haze and the immeasurable sweetness of the season, this Pantone color choice is just peachy keen in my opinion.

Daydream a little more and view my editorial portfolio.

Cheers, S

Team Credits

Venue: Roger Williams Botanical Garden

Styling: Rachel Day Lynn

Florals: Wild Dahlia

Beauty: Kacie Corbelle

Model: Maggie Inc | Chloe Harris

Rentals: Kadeema

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